Camp Fire Rules

Camp Fire Rules Keeping our environment, park and guests safe
Help us keep the park and everyone staying safe!

We love camp fires, which is why we have created some necessary rules so all campers can keep enjoying the privilege of a camp fire.

Camp Fire Rules

  • Fires are NOT permitted during the declared Fire Ban Season (1 October to 31 March). Dates may vary – please check with Reception on arrival.
  • Any damage to grass will incur a $200 penalty for turf replacement.
  • Great Aussie Holiday Park (GAHP) ground staff are required to inspect the fire pit prior to igniting and at any stage have the right of refusal.
  • The fire pit MUST be properly constructed and the fire pit must be raised off the ground and contain all ash and embers. A 30-40cm clearance from the base of pit to ground is required.
  • 2 metre cleared perimeter and 4 metres above (no overhanging branches).
  • Only burn wood or briquettes. No green wood or rubbish burning is permitted. Accelerants are NOT permitted in any form.
  • A responsible person is in attendance at all times and assumes all levels of responsibility and liability, including damage to their own property, neighbouring sites or GAHP property.
  • An adequate way to extinguish the fire is required at all times – 20 Litre bucket of water, fire extinguisher or primed hose.
  • Fires must be completely extinguished by 11pm or prior to leaving the site.
  • Your neighbours may not enjoy your smoke and you may be asked to extinguish your fire. If neighbours complain, please be respectful at all times.
  • DO NOT empty hot embers into any of the park bins or onto grass or gardens. Please extinguish your fire and place ashes in a metal bin provided (these can be found at the back of the Entertainment Area near the toilets).
  • All sites are to be left clean of all ash and wood debris.
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