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The Easter Bunny Origins image

The Easter bunny is coming to visit us as he does every Easter. While you’re biting the ears off your chocolate bunnies or bilbies this Easter, you might wonder how chocolate rabbits became so central to our Easter celebrations. It’s suggested that the symbol of the rabbit comes the from pagan festival of Eostre. Eostre was a goddess of fertility whose animal symbol was a rabbit. Why a rabbit? Well, rabbits, known for their energetic breeding, have traditionally symbolized fertility. So where do the eggs come in? It’s believed that the eggs come from a German legend, Oschter Haws. Apparently, Oschter Haws (a rabbit) was believed to lay a nest of coloured eggs as gifts for good children. Oschter Haws ...

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Have you met NEW.B.I.E our website chatbot? image

Website chatbot

Have you met NEW.B.I.E Introducing our new website chatbot. If you’ve been on our website lately, you may have noticed a new character called NEW.B.I.E. NEW.B.I.E is our website chatbot. Why have a website chatbot? We decided to trial NEW.B.I.E (from Newbooks, our booking system) to assist guests with answers to questions. Hopefully, NEW.B.I.E makes our guest website experience easy and convenient. Particularly if you’re trying to find an answer about something outside our office hours. NEW.B.I.E is still in the trial period with Newbooks so any feedback you have would be great. Email us at Trying to be green You may also have noticed that we have been introducing technology to make your experience as a guest at Great Aussie Holiday Park ...

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Grasshopper Travel came to visit! video

In October last year (2018) we had visitors from Grasshopper Travel stay with us. They created this awesome video and had some nice things to say about us too, which you can check out here. Grasshopper Travel is Australia’s very first video travel guide. You can access thousands of videos presenting great local Australian businesses within the travel, retail, and hospitality industry. They also have international video reviews. These reviews help travellers to make informed decisions on their plans for accommodation, activities, and dining. We’re really pleased they came and stayed and enjoyed Great Aussie Holiday Park so much. If you’re inspired to come and stay with us, you can check out what activities we have planned here. And book ...

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Five school holiday activities image

School Kids enjoying Sunet Nov16 (1)

Five school holiday activities to help you create memories We love families and family holidays. And with the Summer school holidays just around the corner, here are five school holiday activities to help you create some memories with your kids, 1.    Make a splash What better way to cool off on those hot Summer days than in the park swimming pool or splash park. And the splash park is not just for kids. Enjoy the splash park as a family. Here’s three great reasons for the grown-ups to enjoy our splash park. Plus, Great Aussie Holiday Park is situated right on the banks of Lake Hume, so grab your paddle boards, boats and water-sports equipment and head out onto (and into) ...

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Bronze at the NSW Tourism Awards image

2018 NSW Tourism Awards - Bronze

Bronze at the NSW Tourism Awards We are thrilled to have been awarded Bronze at the NSW Tourism Awards in the Caravan and Holiday Parks Category. The NSW Tourism Awards are held annually to acknowledge excellence in tourism in NSW. They are presented to businesses that exemplify the high standard and diverse range of tourism experiences on offer in NSW. The Awards provide tourism organisations, like us, the opportunity to achieve recognition of tourism excellence. This provides us with the opportunity to benchmark our business with similar businesses in activity and size, so we can continue to improve and deliver an outstanding service for all our guests. To receive the Bronze Award, out of seven finalists, means we are the third best holiday ...

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G’Day Rewards image

G'Day Rewards

G’DAY Rewards Did you know that Great Aussie Holiday Park is a Top Parks holiday park? Why is that so good? Well, Top Parks is one of Australia’s largest networks of parks AND with that comes a great rewards program: G’DAY Rewards. What is G’DAY Rewards? Launched in February 2018, G’DAY Rewards is a loyalty program that gives you access to discounts across the Top Parks and Discovery Parks combined network of over 200 parks. As a member, not only do you get mates rates at Great Aussie Holiday Park, you have access to over 6000 cabins, more than 160 swimming pools, 15,000 sites, 190 camp kitchens and 123 playgrounds at G’DAY Rewards mates rates. What do I get? Here’s ...

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Getting your caravan Summer ready image

Getting your caravan Summer ready Are you heading off in the caravan this Summer? Is your caravan Summer ready? While we love sharing yarns, stories about caravanning mishaps are not always entertaining. Making your caravan Summer ready helps ensure your holiday is a safe and happy one and you only have funny yarns to share about your caravanning adventures. This checklist will help you get your caravan Summer ready. Make sure you have your caravan insurance up-to-date. Just in case something happens you will know that you should be covered. If you haven’t had your caravan serviced recently then now is the time to send it in for a check-up! Check the air pressure on your caravan’s tyres and make sure ...

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Three great reasons for the grown-ups to enjoy our splash park. image

albury holiday park water spray park

Three great reasons for the grown-ups to enjoy our splash park. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Everyone can benefit from time in our splash park. Here are three great reasons. 1. You get soaked—and it doesn’t matter. At a splash park, your whole purpose is to get soaked. And don’t you just love the thrill of being drenched from head to toe – on purpose? When it rains, we open an umbrella. When we see a puddle, we walk around it. Taking a shower is just not the same. Not any more – this way you get to embrace the splash and get drenched! 2. You get to experience childlike happiness. Kids are smart. They ...

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Three things to prepare for camping in Spring image

Three things to prepare for camping in Spring Spring is a great time of year! The weather is getting warmer but it’s not yet those scorching Summer days. So, it’s a great time to be inspired to grab your camping gear and head bush. Here are three things you should do to prepare for your Spring camping trip! 1.      Research where you are going Camping is meant to be fun. However, if you are not prepared for where you are going then it could end up being really not fun! So make sure you check out some details about: where you are going the conditions and weather road or park closures permits required or not Now if roughing it in the ...

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