Echidna-ing me aren’t you?

Hi, it’s Bobbie-Lee here. Last week I rushed out of the back door of Great Aussie reception to head home.

I was running late.

As I was climbing into my car I noticed a prickly little ball moving along the grass.

An echidna!

Having only seen about 4 of these in the wild my whole life, so I was so excited to get a closer look.

I looked at my watch first. I was definitely running late now but I couldn’t bring myself to miss the opportunity. Two more minutes here wouldn’t hurt.

I snuck around the back of a tree so that I wouldn’t frighten him.

By now I had called Mel and said: “quick come out here, there’s an echidna!”

Mel had begun filming me as a was getting super close to it I did get some close-up photos but it had heard me and nuzzled into the dirt.

The next day Rex one of our groundsman was lucky enough to spot it hanging around the cabins in the middle of the park. This little prickle ball was having quite the adventure!

A couple of days later I saw another echidna, a much bigger one just down the road from the park.

After doing some research I learnt that the echidna breeding season begins around July-August.

This would explain why I saw two on the move in such a short space of time! After choosing a male one month later a female echidna lays a single egg in her pouch and after 10 days it hatches.

Perhaps we will see lots of little puggles running around soon!

Feel free to view Mel’s video on our Instagram page.