Five reasons to head outdoors this Winter

For many of us, camping isn’t something we think about as the winter weather greets us. But… there are many great reasons to head outdoors on a camping or caravanning trip.

Here are five reasons why we love the outdoors in winter…

1.      You don’t actually need a tent or caravan

You don’t have to own camping equipment or a caravan to enjoy the outdoors. You can stay in a cabin at a holiday park instead (obviously we recommend Great Aussie Holiday Park). That way you have all the benefits of a home away from home, but still get to enjoy the camping or caravanning environment.

2.      It’s oh so quiet

If you’re one of the many people who go camping who to get away from the noisy hustle and bustle that everyday life brings, then winter camping is for you.

There are fewer people sharing your campsite in Winter and the world seems to slow down – meaning you get that blissful peace. The noise in Winter comes from the soft breaking of the Lake Hume waves or the gentle sounds of birdlife and wildlife going about their day.

3.      Spectacular skies

The stars come out quite a bit earlier in Winter (because the days are shorter). And, with the Great Aussie Holiday Park being away from built up areas, there are no city lights to block the stunning views above.

Not to mention the absolutely spectacular sunsets you get in Winter. They are simply stunning!!

4.      No mozzies

We all love the outdoors in Summer but the bugs can be a major annoyance. Since mosquitoes, flies and other bugs don’t like the colder weather, Winter means no more itchy bites or buzzing in your ears. And that means you get to enjoy the blissful peace that being outdoors in winter can bring.

5.      You can be warm

Yes, Winter is cold – it is, after all, Winter! But if you prepare well then you can stay toasty warm. The key with clothing in winter is layers. A waterproof cover on top, followed by a hooded jacket with warm base layers underneath. And, of course, beanies, gloves and warm socks are a must.

If you’re camping you need a good quality winter sleeping bag. A foam sleeping pad is better than an inflatable mattress because it is better at blocking the cold ground from sapping the warmth out of you.

Or you can always book in to stay in one of our heated cabins. And we have the awesome, toasty warm fire pit.

At the end of the day, a trip in winter offers you the chance of experiencing the outdoors in a new light. There is something very tranquil and calming about a winter scene and there is nothing like stepping out of your accommodation in the morning to that crisp and cool winter air.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book in to visit us over Winter