Getting your caravan Summer ready

Are you heading off in the caravan this Summer? Is your caravan Summer ready?

While we love sharing yarns, stories about caravanning mishaps are not always entertaining.

Making your caravan Summer ready helps ensure your holiday is a safe and happy one and you only have funny yarns to share about your caravanning adventures.

This checklist will help you get your caravan Summer ready.

  1. Make sure you have your caravan insurance up-to-date. Just in case something happens you will know that you should be covered.
  2. If you haven’t had your caravan serviced recently then now is the time to send it in for a check-up!
  3. Check the air pressure on your caravan’s tyres and make sure they are at the manufacturerer’s recommended level. It’s probably a good opportunity to check your car tyres too.
  4. Daylight saving commencing is a great time to remember to change your house smoke alarm batteries – did you check your caravan one at the same time.
  5. Do you have all your safety equipment and are the expiry dates all okay? Fire extinguisher and blanket, and your first aid kit should be on this list.
  6. Give your caravan a clean. Open the windows and doors and let some fresh air in. And while you’re at it, check for leaks too.
  7. Finally, don’t forget to stock up on those little things we tend to forget…like the ever important bottle opener!

Doing these seven simple things before you head off for Summer will help you enjoy your travels more. And let you focus on the happy and funny yarns!

If you have a great holiday yarn, we’d love to hear it – and share it too. Just email us your yarn at [email protected].