Three great reasons for the grown-ups to enjoy our splash park.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Everyone can benefit from time in our splash park.

Here are three great reasons.

1. You get soaked—and it doesn’t matter.

At a splash park, your whole purpose is to get soaked. And don’t you just love the thrill of being drenched from head to toe – on purpose?

When it rains, we open an umbrella. When we see a puddle, we walk around it. Taking a shower is just not the same. Not any more – this way you get to embrace the splash and get drenched!

2. You get to experience childlike happiness.

Kids are smart. They know what is fun and they know how to be happy. A water park is the ideal place to learn from the best.

What would you rather do…discuss politics at an expensive restaurant or go to a splash park? We know what we would rather, and there’s lots of splashing involved!

3. You come home completely exhausted.

At a splash park you really do have so much fun that you just go, and go and go, completely forgetting if you are tired or hungry.

After a trip to a splash park, all you can do is sit on the couch and crash. Well maybe you have enough energy to enjoy a beer or glass of wine and a cheese platter with friends while watching the sun go down over Lake Hume!

Sometimes feeling exhausted can be a good thing.

Bonus reason

It’s simple really. Splash parks make you happy.

So there you. Three (four) great reasons for the grown-ups to enjoy the splash park. If we’ve inspired you, there’s a long weekend coming up. Why not book in, enjoy a break and a splash!