Adventure-based Activities! Lots of fun in outdoor learning spaces
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Adventure-based learning

This is a series of group activities and games, designed to improve personal development and group co-operation skills. It involves games where group co-operation determines the outcome, group problem solving exercises, and exercises that develop trust between group members.

school camps nsw ropes course

The Ropes Course

The ropes course is part of the adventure based learning concept and is a series of challenging group and individual activities, to further develop group co-operation, improve self esteem and develop problem solving skills. This activity is run by our staff.

school camps nsw orienteering

Mystery Orienterring

A fun version of orienteering using only a map. When students locate a marker they take back a clue to the group who then have to solve the problem. A great activity involving some physical fitness, strategy and problem solving. This activity is run by our staff, but teacher assistance is required for each group.

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Disc Golf

Disc golf is heaps of fun and is just what the name suggests. We have a nine-hole course where the objective is to throw a special frisbee from the tee and get it in the basket with the least number of throws. As you go around the course the strangest obstacles seem to appear…This activity is generally run by the teachers.

school camps nsw archery


This activity provides exposure to new recreational skills, and both are popular Park Activities. Students get the opportunity to master the art of archery and have loads of fun along the way. Teacher assistance is required.

school camps nsw flying fox

Flying Fox

Be prepared for some serious fun! An exhilarating ride for all that takes your breath away. This ride is an absolute hit with all age groups, as well as being challenging and a chance for students to yell, scream and laugh all the way to the end.

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Rockwall Climbing

A specialised activity that requires instruction by a qualified staff member. Offers a challenge to encourage individuals to break new boundaries and create a new adventure based experience. Creates group members to support, inspire and encourage each other.

school camp activities nsw

Bush Hut Building

Get back to nature and build a bush hut. A great team challenge for children to work together and create a structure made from sticks and rope. The ultimate challenge is for the team to fit in the hut together without it falling down!

school camp activities nsw

Animal Feeding

Experience the enjoyment of assisting a park staff member feed the animals in the animal nursery. We have alpacas, deer, goats, sheep, kangaroo, ducks and geese. Students get an opportunity to learn about the animals, talk with the animals and pat the animals. It is a very tactile activity that both animals and students get a lot from.

school camp activities nsw

Bush Cooking

A fun indoors winter activity, prepared and cooked in the undercover area and camp fire. This hands-on activity enables the kids to create, cook and eat the damper.

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