Information for teachers Great activities for both primary & secondary students.

Role for Teachers

Teachers are a vital component to a camps success

Coming to camp may not be a holiday for you, but it is definitely a worthwhile experience for both staff and students. Feel free to involve yourself in activities because it’s important for you to have fun too!

Teachers and/or camp leaders are encouraged to work closely with Great Aussie Holiday Park staff. A strong team approach provides supportive, nurturing environments throughout the camp ensuring camp outcomes are achieved.

Teachers and adult supervisors are responsible for students behaviour, wellbeing an first aid at all times and will accompany students on all activities, including activities that are led by Great Aussie Holiday Park staff.

Teacher and adult supervisors are encouraged to be involved in passive camp activities. As per Department of Education guidelines, Great Aussie Holiday Park requests a teach/student ratio of 1:10 for camping programs.

  • Visiting teachers will need to complete and sign a medical and consent form
  • Adult supervisors will need to complete and sign a medical and consent form
  • Parents or non-teaching staff attending the camp will need to be prepared to undertake the same supervision responsibilities as visiting teachers
  • Schools will need to make sure their child protection responsibilities are fulfilled in relation to non-teaching adults attending camp
  • We try to minimise the workload on visiting staff members, however there are some things that must be done to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students visiting Great Aussie Holiday Park. On your arrival we will provide you with a briefing on what exactly is required. You have your final input into the program areas involving your students. Should you wish to end an activity early or cancel it completely due to unforeseen circumstances, we are more than happy to make alternative arrangements.
  • Visiting teachers will be responsible for student behaviour and discipline during camp. Please ensure regular night checks are made in the dormitories. Students will need their rest to make the most out of their camp. Great Aussie Holiday Park staff are on call and available during emergencies outside general camp hours. An after hours emergency contact number will be provided.
  • Visiting teachers will need to dispense any medication required by students from their school. Should visiting teachers need to leave camp, we ask that you notify Great Aussie Holiday Park staff in advance.


It is vitally important to us that you tell us about your camp experience. Please complete the feedback survey to let us know your thoughts on the camp. We appreciate that organising and attending camp is a lot of hard work for teachers, however we gladly take on board any advice you can give us to provide the best possible camp experience for everyone.

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