Introducing Anna the All Rounder

Anner is our All Rounder, which means she gets to do lots of things and meet lots of our guests.

To help you get to know Anna, she has answered a few questions that we have asked our other team members too.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up on an irrigation property at Gogeldrie (near Leeton NSW) and came to Albury in 2012 to attend boarding school.

My whole family moved in 2016 when we bought the grazing property right next door to the park – Mel and Russell are my neighbours! We love the hills, being so close to the lake and the little community in Wymah Valley is the best.

I’ve worked in hospitality for nearly five years in cafés, restaurants, commercial kitchens, waitressed for weddings – done just about everything food-related you can think of. I started out in the kitchen here in November 2017 but since then I’ve branched out quite a bit!

What do you love most about the Albury/Wodonga region?

It’s big enough to feel like a city with all the creature comforts, but still small enough to bump into some you know every time you’re down the street – plus we’re right in the middle of everything (the snow, river, lake, beaches, major cities, pubs, wineries – all that good stuff!).

Why did you choose to work in hospitality?

Honestly, it started as a way to earn pocket money, but I love meeting new people and making them happy and it’s the perfect way to do that!! It’s also taught me to appreciate the little things a lot more.

What do you love most about working at Great Aussie Holiday Park?

I love being a part of our little work family, also being able to swap around between the office, the kitchen and running activities for guests and schools means there’s always something different going on which keeps work interesting! (Living right next door is great too because I can roll out of bed and be at work within 15 minutes!)

Say hi on your next visit – I’d love to have a chat.